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Buckley Town Football Club shows the Red Card to Racism

During October the FAW is encouraging football clubs in Wales to back the ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ anti-racism message and promote it throughout their local communities through the power of sport.

At Buckley Town Football Club, we firmly believe in this message, and this starts with our ‘Code of Conduct’ that states players should show respect to all opponents, coaches, managers, and officials, which underpins our club ethos of inclusivity.

As part of our ongoing community strategy we want to embrace all races and promote equal opportunities for all.  Football is one of the most accessible sports in the world, and its increasingly global nature has an important influence on how the game is played, introducing fans to new cultures and experiences through the medium of sport.

This is what truly makes football the ‘beautiful game’ and why Buckley Town Football Club will Show Racism the Red Card


Duncan Macaskill Head of Community Engagement