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Charity Football Match In memory of Ryan Donaldson

Ryan, a much-loved friend and teammate, tragically died in December of last year, aged just 31. He was a proud resident of Buckley, and a well-known, loved and respected member of the community. He attended Mountain Lane, Elfed High School and worked in retail locally before joining North Wales Police in 2018.

Ryan represented both Buckley Town and Buckley Lions, two Buckley youth teams who were fierce rivals. Their final match against each other (at U16) took place in 2008. It was an intense and competitive derby, ultimately decided by a late winner scored by Buckley Town’s star striker – Ryan. It was a moment he cherished dearly and took great pleasure in reminding people of at every opportunity.
So, in his memory, on Sunday 16th April 2023 at The Globe, Buckley Town will once more take on Buckley Lions, with the same starting elevens and even the same managers! Please come along and support the teams and enjoy watching some out of shape 30-somethings battle it out one last time!
We’ll have stuff for the kids, stuff for the grown-ups and it’s all in memory of one of the good guys, Ryan Donaldson.
All proceeds will be donated to the The Police Treatment Centres charity, an organisation providing support to serving and retired officers who have experienced illness or injury.
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For Ryan